About Me

Data Scientist. HCI Researcher. Very interested in understanding and designing human interactions with artificial intelligence systems. Involved in explaining and predicting human behaviors through data analysis. Worked as a Brand Marketer in Samsung Electronics and as a Senior Account Planner in Innocean Worldwide (Hyundai Motor Company’s global marketing communication enterprise). Heavy Music Listener. Love reading books, swimming, and walking.

Research Interests

  • Understanding and Designing Human Interactions with Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Applied Data Mining : Explaining and predicting unknown behavior by analyzing data
  • Natural Language Processing, Hate speech detection and mitigation
  • Computational Social Science
  • Human-Computer Interaction, Affective Computing


My latest study “User-Chatbot Conversations During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Study Based on Topic Modeling and Sentiment Analysis” was published by the Journal of Medical Internet Research (impact factor: 7.08/27th Jan 2023)!

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